Welcome to the Series 1 Blog.

Welcome everyone and I hope you're enjoying Series 1 so far. I decided to start this blog for issues that may arise or important updates to everything that is happening. Before starting just a few things

1. This is a long term project and events happen as they will according to the time of the world that is being created. That being said some things will happen instantly other things will require patience. 

2. I know that there is questions about a bit of software I suggested that requires purchase or is not mac compatible or pc compatible. As of yet I have not found software that will do what I want so I will not be adding that type of puzzle to the story as of yet. When acceptable software is found then that will change.

3. Early in the development of this we decided that we didn't want to make this a "Pay to play" adventure. So yes we have sold out of the Series 1 red deck but we are working on a path for those who want to play and couldn't get the deck. Be warned however that the path for free will be much harder and slower. It hasn't been completed yet and we may not even announce it. So you'll have to pay attention to the socials.

So you'll want to check back once in a while to see if anything has changed. 

Now I'm curious, what do you think is happening so far. I know its early but I'm curious. The comments will be moderated incase things are let out that shouldn't but we can read them all internally. 


There was an issue with the final link and I have changed it and added something that should help you get to it..


  • new stuff released and ends at a password anyone got any help?

    - Taegyn
  • Enjoying this so far, I am stuck on the interview link though. I am guessing the arrows have to do with case for the input. I am confused as to what the is https://// I thought the symbol may have been one of the symbols from a previous cipher "v" but leads no where. Would love a discord channel or place to discus with others. Humanity above all

    - Mike
  • I’m still hard-stuck on 2 clues.


    The last video has some hex code while the spaceship/timeship launches through the rings at the end.

    I’m pretty nifty with photoshop, and I’ve tried to screenshot and layer the frames to make them human-readable, but they’re still too blurry. I can make out “anubisdynamics” at the end, and something about “aka” at the beginning, but the rest looks like nonsense

    The second thing I’m stuck on is the imgur link from the interview. I’m assuming the “new clue” you mentioned to help us solve it are the arrows next to the interview button. That image has an interesting title, but even when I apply it to the code, I get 404 not found.

    I looked up imgur share-link formatting, and I can’t figure out how your code resolves to an imgur share link (because it ends in a “#”?)

    I could really use another hint at this point.

    - Elliott
  • So far, everything is just very cool – things have been built one by one and I like the story of it. I’ve been decoding every code that pops up in anything that I’ve discovered, but none of them didn’t make any sense. Hopefully I didn’t do anything wrong up until this point

    - Ruben Gosali
  • This has been great so far. I’m very intrigued, but I’m stuck trying to read a link from an interview. The bottom half of the link is too blurry to read, and I can’t find anymore clues beyond that.

    I really love the videos so far. The animation of the space/time ship is awesome

    - Elliott

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